Personal Training


A warm welcome

My name is Bruno Beder - personal trainer with passion!
I have specialised in the field of functional body transformation.

The philosophy of my 3 pillars concept is to guarantee you a safe workout,
that builds your muscles,
strengthens the cardiovascular system, reduces excess body fat and tones the skin at the same time.

As an expert in my field, I can help you optimise your performance and perfect your physique.

Enjoy a highly effective workout and an
and extremely discreet support!

With my motivation and enthusiasm for sport, we will reach your personal goal together in a short time!

Whether at home, in the gym, office, outdoors or ONLINE - the training programme is flexible.

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Invest in your health and a new body feeling

... you have already taken the first step!

My 3 pillars concept

Functional training
Heart rate controlled cardio training
Balanced diet