about me

About me

My name is Bruno Beder, born on 04.05.1985, by profession licensed personal trainer in health care, trained sports and fitness merchant. 

Even in my youth, sport played a significant role in my life.

Sport was and is not just a hobby, but a way of life. I am happy to have made the right choice for me and to have turned my hobby into a profession after my three-year vocational training.

After completing my apprenticeship atSport's In Fitness Club, I sought a challenge to further my development.

In my work as a fitness/personal trainer, I have succeeded in helping many of my clients achieve the success they desire, whether health- or performance-oriented.

The positive feedback from customers, colleagues and my bosses led me to the decision to become self-employed.

I put my heart and soul into my profession, with the highest priority being to support, teach and motivate my clients to achieve their sporting or health goals.

  The gratitude and loyalty of my customers is a feeling that I find difficult to describe.

I have given many personal training sessions at the studio and also lectured on health-oriented training and nutrition, so I know what is important.

The satisfaction of my clients and the support of my family made me decide to pursue my passion and love of sport as a personal trainer.

The ultimate goal is that many people benefit from my expertise and know-how, which means that with my motivation and help, my potential clients should find enthusiasm in sport and realise the benefits. Thus, their lifestyle can be changed positively.

Of course, it is of great importance to me to advise/care for each of my clients individually and personally.