Dear Mr Beder,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you, because through your targeted training and your intensive and motivating care I can continue to practice my profession and my hobby of racing despite my 5 broken discs.

I hope that we can resume training soon even after my move of 400 kilometres.

Yours sincerely, Florian Feustel.

We are simply thrilled! With Bruno, a super motivator, with his 9-week programme, insanely effective, with the support, always and at any time! Many thanks Bruno ! We have achieved incredibly good results, we would never have expected that. And it is so much fun! We will definitely continue with Bruno and look forward to every new training session!

Thanks to Bruno, I lost 6.1 kg in the first 9 days and felt much more vital after the training.
Bruno is very competent and can really motivate you, highly recommended!
Wolfgang Back

Mr Beder is a great motivator. He made me work more on my fitness and eat healthy again. I feel really good and enjoy exercise and good nutrition again. A bit of fat has now given way to muscle. Kerstin Schröder

My name is Michaela Broichhagen and I completed the 9-week programme with Bruno Beder to lose some weight and define my muscles. The programme delivered what it promised. Without feeling hungry and without complicated cooking, the nutrition and fitness programme could be easily integrated into my tightly scheduled daily routine and I even exceeded the goals I had set myself.

Bruno Beder's mix of professionalism, friendliness and discipline spurred me on and motivated me in the right measure without overtaxing me. His individual design and flexibility of the programme, even during holiday periods, allowed me to persevere without any problems.

He was always available to answer questions and always put my health and well-being first. I would recommend the training with him at any time.

Thank you Bruno and good luck for the future!


Thanks to Bruno and his training and nutrition plan, I got rid of all my problems with my two slipped discs within a few weeks, lost 13kg in 2.5 months and reduced my body fat percentage by 11%. We started training at the beginning of January.

At that time, my only goal was to fix my back problems. But Bruno had more in mind and managed to motivate me to eat healthy and exercise consistently. After a short time, we already saw the first successes. Although I almost only sat down during the first weeks outside of training, I hardly had any back problems. By the end of January, I was already able to lift heavy objects again without pain and negative consequences. I generally feel better and fitter, which motivates me to continue working with Bruno.

Bruno really offers tailor-made training. I've been to several personal trainers before him, but none of them managed to tailor the workout so that it didn't hurt my back. Bruno has managed to do that since day one. Training with him is fun and yet enormously effective. His training plans are easy to understand and implement, so that I can train on my own at any time. His nutrition plans are also terrific. Although I have lost weight, I have never had to starve myself. It doesn't cost you any effort to stick to the plan, as it gives you enough freedom to choose healthy food at any time.

Although I live 600km away, his flexibility allows for regular training together and continuous adaptation of the training to my development. Bruno has the ability to motivate without pressure. In a way, he transmits his own passion for healthy living and can inspire you to do so. Training with him is demanding, but never torture. I look forward to every training session with him.

I went through the 9 week program with Bruno. For someone who has never done sports before, it was a real challenge to implement this transformation. There were ups and downs in both nutrition and training. However, Bruno made all the areas fit me perfectly and also contributed greatly to my motivation. In the end, however, it all comes down to yourself. You have to be willing to change and work on yourself. Thank you for your great support. I have not regretted a single workout with you and I am looking forward to working on myself further based on your experience.

Summary 9 weeks program Bruno Beder

Short explanation why I decided to change something in my life!

I was no longer satisfied with myself. After I hung up my dance sport on nail it went relatively downhill.

My decision was OUT OF THE TROTT and on in the right direction, but it was immediately clear to me that I will not overcome the inner pig over a longer period of time so I came up with the idea to get me support. Best decision!

Start before the 9 weeks

I started with the 9 day challenge:
Before After
Waist 80cm 77cm
Chest 88cm 86cm
hips 98cm 96cm
Biceps 30cm 28cm
Thigh 59cm 57cm
Calves 34cm 34cm
Weight 61,8 kg 59,0 kg
It was once again a great success and a good approach to the 9 weeks that lay ahead of me. I basically use the Clean 9 for my well-being 1x a year for basic body cleansing!

Start of the 9 weeks

Start of the first 3 weeks
- Adjustment phase regarding the change of diet it was a change no question, but not in a negative sense. It ultimately came down to the ingredients. With me personally it failed in the conversion. I learned to put more emphasis on healthy eating, among other things, I learned to take more time for the selection of ingredients and for the preparation. The most important thing I took away for me in the first 3 weeks was "I enjoyed it" I saw that it was not such a big change as I had always thought before.
- Training sessions were quite hard for me in the beginning, but I did not lose sight of my GOAL. There were always moments where I could no longer and through the positive energy / motivation of Bruno I got more and more energy not to give up and to stay on it!

Feedback to the coach:
Top nutrition plans, rich tips and tricks, versatile training plans, top advice, available for questions at any time, constant staying tuned, giving feedback regarding "well-being" what went well or not, regular measuring.

6 weeks
- Based on the measurements, the first results can be seen, positive! This increased my motivation to stay on it all the more! In the second phase, the change in diet played itself in and became everyday life. My goal came closer and closer and it can be seen!
- The 4x training units can be easily implemented into my daily routine and it is simply fun to see success. One radiates feelings of happiness that are indescribable. To express it in words MEGA GEILES FEEL!

Feedback to coach:
Keeps steady, asks specific questions, new workouts, new nutrition plan, specific introduction to the new workouts, very good explanations/explanations.

9 weeks/ last 3 weeks
- The change of diet is still going on. I also had in the meantime times to eat a handful of chips or sometimes a bar to me to take BUT I learned to look at the ratio and could compensate the whole thing well. I did not lose sight of the goal!
- Training sessions were increased to 5x a week. In the 7th week I felt a bit sickly and thought that after 4 days of regeneration I would be fine. Unfortunately, this was not the case during the joint training session, I quickly noticed that my circulation was weakening. Also in this topic I was taught better by the coach how important it is to give the body the certain regeneration time. Meanwhile I am where I wanted to be "fun in sports" to have and to know how it can be healthy right life!

My assessment:

A huge THANK YOU to you Bruno, thank you for your time, thank you for your professionalism, thank you for the insightful communication, thank you for your determination.

You are a very good role model for the people who want to change something in life.

Through you I have learned and taken so much in the last 9 weeks. Thank you for helping me and steering me back in the right direction. HAMMER MÄSSIG !

Top coach 100% recommendable!

Thank you ?