24 Days Challenge

About this Challenge:

Do you know the feeling of standing in front of the mirror and seeing your Naked True Self? You pull at your waist fat, jump up and count the seconds how long it will jiggle, push around your face, here a pimple, there a scratch, here a deformation and you make the decision: I just want to look better naked!

- love yourself as you are-

That's the way it is and we don't want to change that with this challenge. We firmly believe that we should love ourselves exactly as we are! But that doesn't mean we can't become the best version of ourselves. It doesn't mean that if those 2-3kg are bothering us, we can't tackle them. It doesn't mean that if we want to gain weight, build more muscle, that we shouldn't finally succeed. Because you love yourself so much, you want to set new standards and change your body. And that is exactly what our challenge is about!

Today we have accompanied over 1 thousand people and we look forward to inspiring you to become your BEST YOU!


Satisfied customers:


Our values:

No starvation / no yo-yo effect:
During these days, your body will be fully nourished and supplied with all important vital substances and nutrients. No speed diet, no 0815 juice cure or similar known procedures. Health is our top priority!

100% plant-based products:
That's what we've made our banner big time. We work together with some of the world's market leaders and give our customers only the best of the best! The basis of our products is mainly the plant Aloe Vera. It is still the most nutritious plant in the world. With over 200 proven vital and nutritious substances
it is the best of the plant world for our body.

Authentic and transparent:
We don't pass on anything that we don't exemplify ourselves. Be it products, tips on nutrition, training methods and much more, we have tested it, we have analysed it and we stand behind it 100%. That is one of the reasons for our success.

Long-term successes:
All our support during the Challenge is based on long-term successes. No body transformation is done overnight. Our concept is based on 3 phases which we will explain in detail below. Together with the right mindset, long-term success is achieved. The client with his strengths and weaknesses is always in the foreground.

Together instead of alone:
Together we can do anything. Together with our community of over a thousand satisfied customers and our advisors, we create a cohesion that is unbeatable. We can thus draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience and accompany our clients with a lot of fun and maximum efficiency.